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Smart Sequences

Multi-channel Smart Sequences

Build from scratch or insert a proven sequence with 1 click.

Use 8 actions and 7 if/else conditions to create your own sequence, or choose among ready-to-use sequences with templates for different outreach strategies.

Create your sequence in under 5 minutes.

Drag and drop steps, write message copies for all types of outreach, insert variables, set time delays between steps, and much more, all from the same dashboard.

Sales Engagement - Simply B2B Cold outreach automation - Smart Sequences

Nurture leads that are ready to convert, all in one place.

Manage all LinkedIn and email messages in Simply-B2B’s Smart Inbox, save your response templates for easier replies, and create labels to prioritise leads.

Reporting to identify campaigns that drive the best results.

Monitor step-by-step analytics, A/B testing, and daily statistics to make data-driven decisions and optimize your campaigns.

Let’s start growing your business