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Book more meetings in less time.

Activate the full potential of multichannel outreach. Optimize your sales engagement with data sourcing, automation, and lead management that allows you to directly engage, manage, and close your ideal clients.

Powering leading companies such as:

An all-in-one sales engagement solution for your business growth

Transform your sales engagement and lead generation experience with:

Get the accurate lead data that you need to get deals closed! Our database makes multi-channel outreach simple and effective.

Search our database and enrich LinkedIn Searches or upload CSV files containing as little as a LinkedIn URL.


B2B Contact Profiles


Verified Emails


Phone Numbers


Monthly Signals

Manage, send, and automate your social activities without leaving Simply-B2B. Send connection requests, InMails, and messages. Engage with prospects by automating endorsements, likes and views. 

Run synchronized multi-channel campaigns to engage prospects on both Email and LinkedIn.

Integrate your existing email provider to automate, manage, and A/B test your strategy.


Hours Saved Per Month


Avg. Response Rate


More Deals Each Month

Merge AI into your sales strategy with advanced personalization, prioritization, and follow through.

Our sales engagement tool will allow you to use AI-generated campaigns, 1-to-1 Ice Breakers, Inbox Sentiment, Reply Generation, Tagging and Filtering, and Message Personalization


To Create a Campaign


AI Generated Campaigns*


Powered AI


AI-Powered Features

* With the Unlimited Package

Reach all your leads one way or another by using Simple, Smart, or AI-generated sequences.

Incorporate social engagement, social messaging, calls, SMS, manual tasks, email, and video to maximize touchpoints with your leads.

Stand out in their inboxes.


From Setup to Launch


ROI for annual clients


increase in connections

Personalize your prospecting videos while saving hours of work with Simply-B2B’s Video Technology.

Simply-B2B makes prospecting using video, simple, scalable and repeatable.

Each video can be customised using branded landing pages, unique profile variables, and
includes prospects LinkedIn as a background


Better CTR


Sales Opportunities


More Replies


Personalized Feel

Simply-B2B has an innovative calling system that operates within our platform using the credits that are included in your package.

Send SMSs, call prospects and book meetings – all from a single platform. Create manual calling tasks within your campaign sequence and easily execute your sales strategy.


of call time


Integrated Portal


Local Outbound Phone Numbers

* With the Unlimited Package

Launch your first multichannel campaign in under 10 minutes. Get started with Simply-B2B now.

Startups new B2B
small business owners

Integrated with the tools you know and love

Simply-B2B seamlessly integrates with most tools and software applications to deliver data whenever your team needs it. We are constantly adding new native integrations to make sales engagement with Simply-B2B a valuable part of your tech stack.

Top Integration

Gmail_Simply-B2B      Gmail

Sign into Gmail with Simply-B2B to leverage your email domain and engage with your prospects.

Top Integration

simply b2b salesforce integration     Salesforce

Connect Simply-b2b to Salesforce and bring customer service, marketing automation, and analytics.

Top Integration

Simply-b2b-Outlook Outlook

Sign into Outlook with Simply-B2B to leverage your domains and launch an automated email outreach channel.

Top Integration

Hubspot_Simply-B2B  Hubspot

Connect Simply-B2B to HubSpot to boost your inbound marketing, sales, and customer service within HubSpot CRM.

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