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Book more meetings in less time.

Unlock the power of LinkedIn automation and cold email outreach with Simply-B2B.

Activate the full potential of multichannel outreach. Optimize your lead nurturing with smart sequences, and connect an unlimited number of email accounts to maximize touchpoints and drive conversions.

Powering leading companies such as:

Transform your sales experience

Your smart LinkedIn automation tool and cold email software

Send personalized connection requests, messages, and paid and free InMails.  Combine them with the View and Follow steps in the sequence to re-engage your leads.

LinkedIn Automation

Connect unlimited email accounts and send thousands of emails per month, without damaging your domain. Simply-B2B supports all email providers.

Unlimited Email Automation

Find and verify your lead’s business email address without being connected on LinkedIn. Choose LinkedIn URLs or upload your file with the names and domains.

Email Discovery & Verification

Include eye-catching, personalized Images and GIFs in your LinkedIn and email messages to humanize your outreach and double the response rate.

Image & GIF personalization

Reach all your leads one way or another by combining if/else conditions with LinkedIn and Email Automation. Our Email Finder and Verifier, and Image and GIF personalization can be built into one Smart Sequence!

Maximize touchpoints with your leads and stand out in their inboxes.

Smart Sequences

Each month you will have a strategy session with one of our Simply-B2B Account Managers. Gain invaluable insights into your target audience, and refine your messaging and outreach strategies for maximum impact.

Your Account Manager will guide you through the process of creating a Smart Sequence that resonates with your ideal customers.

Ideal Customer Profile

Launch your first multichannel campaign in under 10 minutes. Get started with Simply-B2B now.

Startups new B2B
small business owners

An all-in-one solution for your business growth

Ideal Customer Consultation

Our team of experienced lead generation and campaign strategy experts will work closely with you. Define your ideal customer profile, identify your perfect target market, and craft a tailored campaign sequence that aligns with your specific business goals.

With our personalized guidance and support, you’ll be well-equipped to optimize your SimplyB2B subscription and maximize its effectiveness.