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Email Outreach

Make your email outreach bigger and better.

Multiple Email accounts for email outreach

Maximise your email outreach and bypass your limits.

Add unlimited email accounts to each campaign and Simply-B2B will auto-rotate so you can send more emails each day.

Get your leads' email addresses in one step.

Let Simply-B2B  find and verify your leads’ business emails through their LinkedIn profile URLs, CSV files, or API, even when they are not part of your network.

Email Outreach - find and verify email
Image Personalisation

Personalise your email outreach at scale.

Automatically tailor your email outreach using variables and hyper-personalized Images and GIFs. Follow up with individual leads and make sure to stand out in their inboxes.

Get in touch with more leads even faster.

Combine if/else conditions with connection requests, messages, paid and free InMails, and the View and Follow steps into Smart Sequences to contact more leads in less time.

Nurture leads ready to convert in one place

Manage all types of LinkedIn messages and emails from Simply-B2B’s Smart inbox, save your response templates for easier replies, and create labels to prioritize leads.

Blacklist specific leads across all team seats.

Enter LinkedIn profile URL, or name, company name, or job title as an exact or partial match to exclude leads from your and your team’s outreach.

Email Outreach Blacklist

Identify campaigns that drive the best results.

Monitor step-by-step analytics, A/B testing, and daily statistics to make data-driven decisions and optimize your campaigns.

Let’s start growing your business