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Connect the tools you know and love

Simply-B2B seamlessly integrates with most tools and software applications to deliver data whenever your team needs it.

Our developers are constantly adding new native integrations to make Simply-B2B a valuable part of your tech stack.


Gmail_Simply-B2B      Gmail

Sign into Gmail with Simply-B2B to leverage your email domain and engage with your prospects.

simply b2b salesforce integration     Salesforce

Connect Simply-b2b to Salesforce and bring customer service, marketing automation, and analytics.


Simply-b2b-Outlook Outlook

Sign into Outlook with Simply-B2B to leverage your domains and launch an automated email outreach channel.


Zapier_Simply-B2B     Zapier

Use your Zapier Webhooks to connect Simply-B2B to +4,000 apps that you already own.


Hubspot_Simply-B2B    Hubspot

Connect Simply-B2B to HubSpot to boost your inbound marketing, sales, and customer service within HubSpot Customer Relationship Manager.


Pipedrive_Simply_b2b    Pipedrive

Connect Simply-B2B to Pipedrive using a native integration. Manage your pipeline in Simply-B2B or Pipedrive, and see updates as changes are made.


Zoho_simply-B2B     Zoho CRM

Hook Simply-B2B to Zoho to integrate and manage your sales, marketing and support projects using one CRM platform.


SMTP Simply-B2B     SMTP

Connect your SMTP mail server and begin sending emails and receiving responses directly through Simply-B2B.


Calendly_Simply-B2B Calendly

Connect to Calendly and track your meetings, trigger campaign actions, and book more meetings using the leading scheduling automation platform.

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